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Start a chatgroup discussion

We'll start our tutorial with the following things already accomplished in our chatgroup: A teacher has created a Jeffity account, started a chatgroup, created a subjeffit (discussion topic), and invited students to her chatgroup. If you don't know how to do those things, you can learn here.

From here, we'll first imagine our student is logged into his account and can see this screen that you see in the picture below. The student will then click on the "Submit" button at the top of the screen.

In this tutorial, the students are submitting links to their Google Presentations. So, they student must get the "Share link" from his Google Presentation, which he must do in a seperate tab. He'd be on a screen that'd look like the picture below, and he'd copy the link from this screen.

He'd bring that link back to Jeffity, and he'd then fill out the form that you see in the picture below. He could give his submission a title, a link (which will be the link to the Google Presentation), and he can write some information about his submission. The student must also choose which subjeffit he wants to post his submission to.

After clicking the "Submit" button to make his submission, the student has successfully posted his project to Jeffity. Anybody who's a member of the chatgroup will then be able to see his submission, comment on it, or vote on it. (But, only the teacher and the student who submitted the post will be able to edit or delete the post!) All chatgroup members will be able to see it just like in the picture below:

Teachers and students will then be able to comment and vote on our student's submission. Clicking on the submission will bring them to a screen that looks like the picture below:

If a student were to comment on the submission, they can now do so. All comments for a submission will show up below that submission. Here's what that may look like: