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Our Team


Jeff Maxim

CEO/CTO - Jeff Maximclose

Jeff built Jeffity from scratch, and he's pretty proud of it. He's has 10 years of teaching experience, from 1st grade Science, to middle school English, to high school Computer Science. He loved using votable discussion boards in his classroom, so he wanted to build some that other teachers, students, and parents could use, too. Contact him here anytime, he'd love to hear from you.

Director of Educationmore_vert

Emily Barker

Director of Education - Emily Barkerclose

Emily coaches K-12 public, private, charter, and parochial teachers throughout New York how to effectively use technology in their classrooms. Emily has taught High School Social Studies to students in Virginia and Bronx, New York City. She's a graduate of the prestigous Washington and Lee University, and she's a NYC Teaching Fellow. She loves running, cooking, and reading.


Mike Maxim

Developer/Consultant - Mike Maximclose

Mike has decades of programming experience, and has led several extremely successful internet startups. He's a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and University of Michigan. He loves pizza.


Shehryar Kahn

Developer/Consultant - Shehryar Kahnclose

Shehryar is a true full stack developer who can quickly build scalable, user-friendly websites. He's got experience at Byte Academy with Python/Django web development. He can be reached at


Isaac Hoyos

Developer/Consultant - Isaac Hoyosclose

Isaac is a seventh grade student at Inwood Academy in New York City, and he's had Jeff Maxim as a teacher for the past 3 years. He can program with C, Python, and is learning JavaScript, too. Checkout his YouTube channel.