Jeffity Discussion

Votable discussion boards tailor made for classrooms

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  • How do I make an account?

    Get started by clicking the signup button at the top of the page, or follow this link here. We recommend signing up using you Google Account, which just makes things easier and safer for everone!

  • What's a chatgroup?

    A chatgroup is a votable discussion board. It's created by a teacher, who invites students and parents to join it. Only they people that a teacher invites to a chatgroup can join! It's a place where students can submit questions, links, or their ideas. Teachers and students can vote on eachother's submissions. Anyone can post comments, too, which are responses to someone's submissions.

  • How do I invite people to my chatgroup?

    There's two ways:

    1. Share the invite code: Teachers report that this is the easiest way to invite someone to your chatgroup. Simply give a student, parent, or teacher an invite code (you'll see the invite codes once you create a chatgroup). That person then enters the invite code while signed in to their account. Once they do that, the teacher will be notified, and the teacher can approve or deny the request.
    2. Invite by email address: Using this method, teachers only need to enter the email address of students, parents, and teachers they want to invite. This will send an email to whoever the teacher invites, and it will also notify the invitee they've been invited whenever they sign in to Jeffity. The invitee can they accept or deny the invitation. You can find this feature by clicking "Add members" and then "Invite by email" at the top of any chatgroup.

  • How do I remove people from my chatgroup?

    At the top of ay chatgroup, click "Add members" and then click "View/edit roster". You'll see a list of everyone in your chatgroup. From here, you can select anyone you want to remove, and then click the "Remove from chatgroup" button. The person/people you selected will be removed from you chatgroup and will no longer be able to participate in or view the chatgroup.

  • Why can you vote on submissions and comments?

    Voting is the key difference between Jeffity and other classroom discussion boards. Voting lets students decide what's important to them, what ideas are they best, or who's work is the most impressive. If a student makes a well-stated comment in a chatgroup, students can vote that comment up. If a student offers an opinion that is unclear or poorly stated, other students can vote that comment down. This let's students peer-assess eachother with a simple "up" or "down" vote.

  • Does voting hurt peoples' feelings?

    Only if the teacher lets it! Voting lets students effectively assess their class mates ideas. Classrooms and teachers who use Jeffity report that students love the voting feature of Jeffity... it's why they use Jeffity! However, it's up to the teacher to moderate the discussion on Jeffity. If they notice students being mean to eachother, it's up to the teacher to use this "teachable moment" to intervene. We've found that students find voting very motivating, and it motivates them to create better ideas, submissions, and class work!

  • Whats the difference between teachers, students, and parents?

    I put a lot of thought into the different things that teachers, students, and parents can do on Jeffity. I wanted students to have a lot of freedom, but I wanted teachers to have complete control... just like a good classroom! Teachers create chatgroups, create subjeffits, and invite people to a chatgroup. They can edit or delete any submission or comment. Students are participants in a chatgroup, but they can't invite anyone else to a chatgroup. They can post submissions and comments, and they can vote on anything. Parents can join a chatgroup to observe the discussions, but that's it. They can't submit anything or vote. This let's you control who can do what in a chatgroup!

    Permission Teachers Students Parents
    Can create chatgroup? thumb_up thumb_down thumb_down
    Can moderate any comment or submission? thumb_up thumb_down thumb_down
    Can invite members to a chatgroup? thumb_up thumb_down thumb_down
    Can remove members from a chatgroup? thumb_up thumb_down thumb_down
    Can post submissions? thumb_up thumb_up thumb_down
    Can vote on submissions/comments? thumb_up thumb_up thumb_down
    Can post comments? thumb_up thumb_up thumb_down
    Can request to join a chatgroup? thumb_up thumb_up thumb_up